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 Shelter’s unique modular process gives you creative control over your new home’s design, making it easy to explore a wide variety of potential module and plan configurations.

We redefine the home-design experience by starting not with a blank sheet of paper, but with a collection of elegant, predesigned modular spaces, including bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and flexible multiuse rooms. Choose a single module as the basis for a freestanding office, guest quarters, vacation cabin, or exercise studio. Combine multiple modules—by clustering or linking them with decks or connectors—to design a home or compound uniquely suited to your site, taste, and practical needs. 

Our design modules include a carefully chosen ensemble of materials, fixtures, and finishes that work together in harmony. No matter which or how many modules your design incorporates, the result is a fully integrated, elegantly understated backdrop for your unique style of living.

Let us know your design choice from the menu below and we can get started with the planning process.


Conceiving of your home should be fun. Here at Shelter, we invite you to be part of the design process right from the beginning. If this track interests you, you can be the one who starts the design process on paper by choosing from our pre designed plans below and assembling them together to meet your program and site needs. Have fun with it in this initial stage; the talented design team at Shelter will help refine the design with you and make sure the end result is functional and beautiful and prepare your home design for construction. 


Below are Shelter’s building blocks or DNA, the individual modules that you can move by clustering or linking them with decks or connectors—to design a home or compound uniquely suited to your site, taste and practical needs. 

Print, Sketch, Snap, Submit.



Cut out our modules and place them on your site plan. Shift the modules around, draw on them, cut and paste, and make notes as you’d like in order to make the most of how you want to live and engage your site. Dive into this creative process with the knowledge that we have your back – our professional team of designers will help you resolve your sketch concepts into buildable forms. 


Once you have a sketch layout that you like, snap a photo of the concept, and send it to our design team at Shelter. We’ll get started with the planning process. (Please note that we only estimate one design iteration per client. Pricing on multiple iterations will be provide on a time and materials basis)

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